• Aluminium high pressure die casting
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATED



We have wide range of die casting equipment featuring an assortment of cold chamber machines from 320 to 420 tons locking force. All machines are fully automated.

  • Ancillary automated die casting equipment including an automatic ladles, automatic spray systems and ABB – foundry edition robots.
  • Robotic die cast cells offer the advantages of unparallelled process consistency, precision, efficiency, and reduced labor costs.


Some reasons to work with us:

From initial development to serial production.

Specialist for complex, high-quality high-pressure die-cast aluminium components.

Supplier of both high-tech and less complex parts manufactured.

Highest-quality, innovative solutions and dedicated customer services under continuous improvement.

Long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners based on an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.