• Aluminium high pressure die casting
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATED


Robotic tending of CNC machines


We are producer of high-pressure aluminum die-casting backing plates for abrasive industry.

Robotic tending of CNC machines for CNC machining aluminum plates – Working 24/7 (short delivery times)

Automatically 100% controlling of aluminum plates

Our plates have extremely tight tolerance for the unbalance and parallel dimension stability, which is very important to have as low waste as possible on the thin wheels.

We have very high quality standard. We can proudly say that aluminum plates are produced and controlled by machines and robots. In the process of packaging we make final inspection on products.

We have very wide stock of tooling (more than 120 pcs) for aluminum backing plates. For every new customer we can produce new casting tools inside our company. We need just technical drawing.


Our aluminum foundry has automated high-pressure die casting cells.

For material we use special mixture of aluminum alloy AlSi9Cu3Fe, which provides during backing the best ratio between heat-conductivity (optimum consumption of the electric energy), dimension stability of the plates and other characteristics, necessary for the best performance of the plates.

Aluminium plates presentation